“Let the beauty we love be what we do." 






The freedom to be you

I used to be a pastor. Then I went up a mountain and discovered holiness isn't about being perfect or even peaceful. Nor is it a state of transcendence we achieve by overcoming our imperfections. It is, rather, that space where we are exactly as we are; not perfect or imperfect but true. Now I write about the sacred as it is found in creativity, nature, intuition, play, and rest. Because I know, firsthand, how these five things can set you free to become the person God meant you to be. 

I attended Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California and then spent a decade pastoring congregations in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. I left my career behind five years ago when my husband Micah and I (and four cats) moved to Wyoming. Since then I've scaled mountains, bought a tent, braved the holy terror of downhills on cross-country skis, planted a vegetable garden at high altitude, and learned to care more about what gives me passion than the "shoulds" of life. It has become my mission to support you in your passions, however hidden they may be. And I hope to remind you, one story at a time, that the divine is in you. The treasures of the universe dwell in your flesh and bones. 


I've written my debut book, a spiritual memoir entitled Liberty: One Woman's Search for the Lost Sacrament. It's a book for anyone who longs for a spiritual life but struggles to fit inside four walls and a steeple. And it's not just one woman's path to discovering salvation far beyond the church's walls but a universal message of liberation beginning with Eve: freedom will require an act of betrayal. The future is female. Our stories of salvation should be, too.