“Let the beauty we love be what we do." 






How a life inside the church led to a life outside the church...

I hold a Master of Divinity from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California. But don't let that fool you. One of my fondest memories from seminary is dressing up as a goddess for the Halloween party in San Francisco's Castro district. I wore a gold sash around my waist and gold eye shadow that stretched from my eye lid to my eyebrow. It was hideous. And spectacular. 

After seminary I spent nearly a decade as a Lutheran pastor. I eventually grew tired of only preaching gospel stories found in the Bible and decided to leave ministry. Ralph Waldo Emerson is partly to blame. He's the one who said any preacher worth her (OK, so he actually said "his") salt knows how to "covert life into truth."

I no longer preach from a pulpit or minister to a congregation. Instead, I write notes from the edge of the church, where truth looks a lot like everyday life. The stories I proclaim are the ones that reveal how the divine is in you and me. 

So come read a story (or two) about how life and the divine are one in the same.


I'm finishing my first book, a spiritual memoir about how a life inside the church led to a life outside the church, and the painful and glorious things that happened along the way.