“Let the beauty we love be what we do." 






Liberty writes about the meaning of life, most of it firmly grounded in the everyday.


These are things that give her life meaning: 

A good story (usually made up of the people and places she's met along the way).

Creating something with her own two hands. Some days just for her own amusement, and other days especially for YOU.

A belief that resting and playing can work wonders in one's life. Taking risks is good for that, too.

A husband who makes her laugh so hard she cries. And even makes her laugh when she cries.

Live music. Her favorite venue is Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. Because music is just better when you're surrounded by giant monoliths.


cat photo booth.png

Four rescued cats, all of them males. Prompting occasional prayers for patience.

Fresh baked bread. She’s partial to sweet yeast breads pronounced with a thick European accent, like Gugelhupf.

Forays into the wilderness, which happen often now that she lives in Wyoming. Sometimes with a can of bear spray. Grand Teton National Park is currently her favorite place on earth.

Interior design, especially of the Scandinavian and Shaker varieties. Because, as Dostoevsky said, “The world will be saved by beauty.”

She also takes great delight in the antique Norwegian bowl which currently resides on her dining table, thus proving it is indeed the little things that often make the greatest impact (in interior design and life). 

She discovered these things while attending Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California and during a decade as a Lutheran pastor in Wisconsin and Kentucky. 






She's currently working on her first book, a spiritual memoir.

The book explores how a life inside the church led to a life outside the church, and the painful and glorious things that happened along the way.